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How to Use ChatOps to Automate Routine Tasks

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How to Use ChatOps to Automate Routine Tasks

Brent Langston, Site Reliability Engineer at Oscar

At Oscar, it's all about simplicity. Especially on the Operations team, where Site Reliability Engineer, Brent Langston, built out ChatOps to allow anyone with permission to carry out routine tasks typically handled by operations team.

In this class, Brent walks through what happens when someone wants to increase the web-pool at Oscar, and explains how ChatOps increases visibility, improves the on-boarding process, and allows people to self-service.

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About Oscar

Founded in 2012, Oscar is probably the last thing you would expect from a technology startup – a seemingly old-fashioned healthcare insurance provider. The company provides clients with the kind of clarity and simplicity we have come to expect from an e-commerce site. And, of course, they're hiring.