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Setting Up Secure Credential Management for Your Dev Team

Video Sections (total time: 8 minutes)

Setting up Secure Credentials
4m 38s
Moving into Production
2m 54s

Setting Up Secure Credential Management for Your Dev Team

Jason Young, Site Reliability Engineer at Oscar

Credential management is traditionally full of compromise—existing methods are secure but inflexible, or flexible, but insecure.

And that didn't work for Oscar. Watch to see how they built instant credential distribution, so a changed service password is instantly reflected in production.

8 min watch · Tech

About Oscar

Founded in 2012, Oscar is probably the last thing you would expect from a technology startup – a seemingly old-fashioned healthcare insurance provider. The company provides clients with the kind of clarity and simplicity we have come to expect from an e-commerce site. And, of course, they're hiring.

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