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How Oscar Uses Mesos and Aurora to Manage Processes

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Developing with Mesos and Aurora
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How Oscar Uses Mesos and Aurora to Manage Processes

Isaac Councill, Engineer at Oscar

In this class, Engineer, Isaac Councill, explains how he uses Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora to manage the many many processes at Oscar.

He gives an overview of Mesos and Aurora from a functional perspective and explains how Oscar uses them to normalize their infrastructure.

23 min watch · Tech

About Oscar

Founded in 2012, Oscar is probably the last thing you would expect from a technology startup – a seemingly old-fashioned healthcare insurance provider. The company provides clients with the kind of clarity and simplicity we have come to expect from an e-commerce site. And, of course, they're hiring.

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Complex Case Management Nurse

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Appeal/Utilization Review Nurse

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Nurse Case Manager, Post-Acute Care

Houston, Texas, United States

Utilization Review Nurse, Payment Integrity

Tempe, Arizona, United States

Information Technology

IT Analyst

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IT Technician

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Member Care and Service

Concierge Operations Manager

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