The Office Space Search: Everything You Need to Know

Video Sections (total time: 12 minutes)

1m 20s
The Key Players
1m 21s
Your Office Options
3m 15s
The Search Process
1m 10s
Keys to Finding the Best Space
4m 34s

The Office Space Search: Everything You Need to Know

David Mandell, Cofounder and CEO at PivotDesk

Office space is consistently ranked as the second largest expense for a growing company, but few people know where to begin when it comes to their office space search.

In this class, David Mandell, Cofounder and CEO of PivotDesk, covers everything you need to know to find your own incredible space—from the key players, to your office space options, to the process you should follow.

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Businesses are dynamic. Real estate isn't. PivotDesk enables businesses to grow fluidly within the static real estate infrastructure by connecting companies with excess space to companies that need it.

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