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How to Build a UI Library One Element at a Time

Video Sections (total time: 19 minutes)

Splash pre-SUI
1m 44s
A Piecemeal Approach
SUI Examples
1m 52s
Diving into SUI with Megan Tong
Standards, Conventions, and Design Patterns
5m 04s
Onboarding with SUI
Faster Development with SUI
3m 20s
Safer Development with SUI
3m 49s

How to Build a UI Library One Element at a Time

Megan Tong, Front-End Engineer and Brett Boskoff, CTO and co-founder at Splash

Splash’s co-founder and CTO, Brett Boskoff, kicks this class off with a little bit of history. Splash launched with a huge—well—splash, in 2011, and rapidly built out new features. But, working so quickly to meet customer demand meant teams were working in silos. There wasn’t time to think about the big picture.

Several years and big name clients later, the Splash UI library was a mess, with numerous competing elements—buttons, dropdowns, and calendars from one page to another, and sometimes even within individual pages themselves.

Thus was the impetus for SUI, or Splash UI (which, fittingly, means water in Japanese) a company-wide framework for UI and design.

In this class, Brett explains how they’re doing things differently—and why that means taking a piecemeal approach. Then, Front-End Engineer, Megan Tong, walks through how the code is set up, and why SUI makes building at Splash faster and safer.

19 min watch · Tech

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