How to Take Customer Experience to the Next Level

Video Sections (total time: 15 minutes)

Creating and Escalation Procedure
11m 20s
Building a User Experience
2m 25s

How to Take Customer Experience to the Next Level

Mahssa Mostajabi, Customer Experience Manager at SumAll

Like most customer experience teams, SumAll started by finding and perfecting ways to answer customer questions. They implemented a great support desk software and built out an extensive knowledge base. In this class, (with the help of some bacon ipsum) Customer Experience Manager, Mahssa Mostajabi, explains how she teamed up with SumAll's product designers, engineers, and marketers to move beyond the basics and take customer experience to the next level.

15 min watch · Marketing

About SumAll

There aren't many startups like SumAll. Their product was built to give ecommerce customers a transparent look a their own data, so they can make the right decisions. That same sense of transparency applies to their team culture – everything from salaries to business strategies are available to all employees. Their 35+ member team is based in New York City—and yes, they're hiring!