An Intro to Design Thinking

Video Sections (total time: 20 minutes)

1m 14s
Design as a Bridge
2m 42s
The Process
2m 50s
Iterating SumAll Reports
9m 48s
Final Product
1m 57s
1m 31s

An Intro to Design Thinking

Luca de Rosso, Head of Product Design at SumAll

SumAll's Head of product design, Luca de Rosso, sees design as a bridge connecting business and customer needs. In this class, he demonstrates how SumAll's interdisciplinary team moved from ideation to delivery of their new SumAll Reports product. It's an introduction to an iterative design process—great for those who build beautiful products and those who love them.

20 min watch · Design

About SumAll

There aren't many startups like SumAll. Their product was built to give ecommerce customers a transparent look a their own data, so they can make the right decisions. That same sense of transparency applies to their team culture – everything from salaries to business strategies are available to all employees. Their 35+ member team is based in New York City—and yes, they're hiring!