How to Build an Incredible User Experience

Video Sections (total time: 11 minutes)

About Tradesy
A New Design Process
Overview of Phases
1m 54s
Case Study: Digital Closet
Setting Experience Goals
2m 19s
Phase 1: Concept
1m 59s
Phase 2: Planning
Phase 2.5 User Testing
2m 04s
Phase 3: Polish
1m 02s

How to Build an Incredible User Experience

Ryan Nance, Director of User Experience at Tradesy

At Tradesy, great design is really a matter of making tens of thousands of decisions. And a good design process is there to help everyone coordinate those decisions—making sure each local choice is as impactful as the big picture ones.

In this class, Ryan walks through how Tradesy built an incredible user experience for their digital closet. He explains the three phases—concept, planning, and polish—and what decisions are made during each. 

11 min watch · Design

About Tradesy

Tradesy serves millions of the world’s coolest customers and has secured backing from iconic investors. Plus, you can see the Pacific Ocean from their beautiful Santa Monica HQ. Sound good? Check out their open jobs.