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10 Simple Tips for Getting a Startup Job

Video Sections (total time: 21 minutes)

Uncubed Overview
1m 01s
What is a startup?
1m 01s
Why work there?
#1 Start within arms reach
2m 03s
#2 Skip the blind dates
1m 44s
#3 Don't forget to tip!
1m 08s
#4 More than just a resume
1m 49s
#5 Start with your friends
1m 02s
#6 One-a-day is the way
1m 52s
#7 Stack the deck
1m 37s
#8 Tighten up your skills
1m 39s
#9 Bookmark it
1m 18s
#10 Know your audience
3m 50s

10 Simple Tips for Getting a Startup Job

Tarek Pertew, co-founder and CCO at Uncubed

Uncubed's events, editorial, and product help connect creative people with great, hiring startups. 

In the process of talking to thousands of candidates and hundreds of recruiters, we've learned a thing or two about the best way to get a startup job. In this video, Tarek explains what a startup is, and the top 10 things you can do to get your foot in the door.

21 min watch · Career

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