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(NOTE: Do research what we do and who we are before you reach out. Do write a cover letter. And, by golly, do subscribe to our daily email before you talk to us – we will quiz you.)


INTERNSHIPS (all are paid)
  • Content Marketing Intern (Paid)
    • Write highly-engaging, entertaining content for blog
    • Assist with technical production of our daily email publication using Sailthru (our ESP) and WordPress
    • Assist and manage various aspects of Uncubed’s earned content / SEO strategy
    • Optimize new and existing content including internal link building, optimizing pages for search
    • Designing and implementing new content strategies
  • Tech Recruiting / Talent Acquisition Intern (Paid) | Full details here
    • Assist with building successful, high-volume tech recruiting programs
    • Market recruiting programs and open roles to relevant colleges, academic departments, and student organizations
    • Build relationships with university staff, faculty, and students
    • Discover and develop new forms of college recruiting beyond on-campus career fairs and career services
    • Review candidate applications and resumes
    • Advance qualified candidates through the hiring process
    • Embed yourself in the hiring processes of startups and Fortune 100 companies
    • Transform the way that job seekers learn about, apply to, and get hired by employers
  • University Programs Intern (Paid) | Full details here
    • Transform college and the career education experience by working on programs like Uncubed Fast-Track (stealth project born from The Startup Odyssey), Education Uncubed, Open Application, and our industry expert videos.
    • Manage relationships with university staff, student leaders, and alumni clubs across the country
    • Assist with content development and program logistics
    • Identify, contact, and onboard new university partners, clients, and non-university sponsors
    • Full details + how to apply here.
  • Events Intern (Paid)
    • Identify and develop relationships with current and potential community partners (media outlets, Meetup groups)
    • Create email, social media, and other marketing campaigns to communicate with our audience and beyond on a mass scale
    • Coordinate with venue, vendors (such as audio/visual and furniture rentals), and event staffing channels (volunteers, bartenders, photographers)
    • Build and maintain relationships with product partners (snacks, beverages)
    • Update event website, mobile app (no tech skills required), and company planning documents
    • Extreme organizational skills are a must
    • Design experience is a plus
    • Must be in New York City area
  • Freelance Writers
    • Regularly contribute content to one of our three editions
    • Digital experience preferred, daily email experience ideal

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** Please note: We do our best to respond to every application we receive, unfortunately there are times when the volume exceeds our staff’s resources. As an Uncubed supporter, we hope that you appreciate how much time we dedicate to bringing you the latest content, companies, events, and beyond to make your career more exciting and meaningful. The bittersweet result is that time only allows us to respond to candidates advancing to the next round of our application process. If you don’t get a response, please know that we reviewed your application but, for one reason or another, didn’t feel it was a good fit. If that’s the case, we apologize for the silence but hope you can still find that right fit through our resources.